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Wood Decks

When it comes to wood decks, nothing beats the beauty! When properly cared for, wood decks can last for several decades. When it comes to wood, there are several species to choose from. From affordable pine to luxurious mahogany, our premium craftsmanship will ensure your deck lasts its maximum life span. 

Pressure Treated Pine

As your most affordable option, pressure treated pine provides a durable decking surface with visually pleasing wood grains. This species of wood can be stained to your color choice to achieve years of dependable outdoor living.

Siberian Larch

Best known to Europeans as " The tree of eternity " Siberian Larch is the most durable soft wood there is to offer. With its tight grains and beautiful golden glow, Siberian Larch is highly resistant to decay.


When it comes to wood, Mahogany is second to none! As one of three tropical hard woods, Mahogany offers the most durable wood decking surface. The easy to maintain, reddish-brown timber is guaranteed to offer a lifetime of beauty.